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Want to have more control over your printer, and save ink, too? See the following 3 printer tips:

How to Change a Document's Print Quality (one document at a time

How to Print Out Only What you Want

How to Change the Printer Properties of Your Printer

Some Genealogy Tips:

How Can I Find Out Who I'm Related to?

Genealogy Research Resources

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Copying, Pasting, and Cutting shortcuts Some Good Computing Habits

"Ellen is an excellent "Computer
Guru". Not only is she very
computer savvy, but she knows
how to help someone gain
confidence as well as computer
skills. She is an excellent
teacher, and never talks down
to you. She is particularly
talented in working with
those of us who are "too old"
to have cut our teeth on
computers. When I needed a
new computer, she held my
hand and talked me through
ordering it online. She then
set it up, and transferred
all my old files, including my art
work. I highly recommend Ellen."

Mary Lou N.
Westminster, Colorado

"I recently attended a class taught by Ellen on E-mail and Web Searching. She was an excellent teacher. Ellen is well-prepared, and her teaching style is very easy to understand. Her homework assignments were very well thought out, and built on what we covered in class. She was always available for questions whether by phone, e-mail, or in class. I highly recommend Ellen as a teacher and computer expert. She has a great deal of experience, and makes learning fun."

Patrick J. Scheer
Brighton, Colorado

"I have really learned a lot from your classes, and I looked forward to each one. You really know how to teach us older adults without making us feel stupid. I have always wanted to take classes like these, but didn't want to be in a college class with a lot of younger and more knowledgeable students. You helped me to feel more comfortable on the computer. Thanks so much for helping us."

Patti Williams
Northglenn, Colorado