We will work with you in your home, office, or at our office. We can adjust and fix many of your computer's problems, as well as show you how to work with your computer. You decide what works best for you.


We are available to companies, organizations and other groups to provide training in your facilities for groups of all sizes. Our classes include written materials and plenty of time for hands-on practice. We offer classes in subjects such as Beginning Computers, Beginning Web and E-mail, Beginning Microsoft Word, Internet Searching, Advanced E-mail skills, and Editing and Organizing Photos. We also provide training on topics that you choose to meet your needs.

Here is just a sampling of the types of services we provide:

New computers

  • buying a computer system
  • setting up a new computer
  • learning and using what's on the computer

New software programs

  • installing
  • using

iPhone and iPad skills

Protecting your computer

  • anti-virus
  • anti-spyware
  • firewalls
  • general maintenance
  • removing malware infections


  • getting around the Web
  • searching for information and websites
  • using e-mail

Software programs

  • Microsoft Word (word processing)
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • photo editing

General computer skills

  • printing pictures received by e-mail
  • naming and saving documents or projects
  • organizing and finding documents and files on your computer

"I believe Ellen is the greatest
teacher ever. Her many teaching skills include simple and thorough explanations. Her printed lessons are tops. She is always available to help students outside of the classroom. Her patience seems to have no end. She has fixed my computer several times, and is still available for advice. As a senior (over 70), this a real plus."

S.D. Bauer
Weld County, Colorado

"I am involved with two organizations, and Ellen has been a huge help to me by setting up files, tables and reports. She also has kept me informed about new programs to protect my computer. She has given me information and ideas on how to solve problems, and on better ways to use the computer. Ellen sends out regular e-mails with ideas that help those of us who are not too computer savvy. Thanks, Ellen."

Diane Rossi
Littleton, Colorado

"Ellen has helped me with my home computer for several years. She set up my new computer, and is always available by phone or e-mail whenever I have a problem. She has taught me to use e-mail, print family photos, and search the Internet. Ellen's encouragement helps me to continue to enjoy my computer. I will continue to rely on her skills and patience to help me become more confident in using the computer."

Boulder, Colorado