We are often asked to recommend websites that contain useful information, and will help you learn more about computers. Here are some of our favorites:

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Searching the Web

Finding People and Businesses


Search for individuals, businesses. Anywho also offers a reverse search (type in a phone number to find someone's location).

Weather Information
This website can be personalized to your location

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
If you're a weather buff…


BBC Radio
Listen to the BBC radio on your computer

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database—look up information about movies, actors, etc.


The Louvre
The Louvre museum—look at paintings, sculpture…almost as if you were there!

Medical Information

Health & Human Services- Healthfinder
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' guide to "reliable health information".

Medline Plus
Information from the world's largest medical library, the National Library of Medicine.

The Mayo Clinic
Many excellent medical resources, including a fast search for information about a specific condition or disease.

Voted one of the best medical websites by AARP and the Wall St. Journal. It's purpose is to combat medical myths and fallacies.

Websites for Seniors

National Institute on Aging-Health Information
Health information from the National Institutes of Health, designed with the older adult in mind.

A seniors' guide to health, housing, legal, financial, retirement, lifestyles, news and entertainment information on the World Wide Web.

Senior Journal
A huge website, with lots of information and links.

Computers & Technology

(formerly Learn the Net) Discover how the web works.

COMPUKISS (Computer World-Keeping it Short & Simple)
Sandy Berger's website. She is a nationally respected computer authority.

Another site with lots of information, including computer-related topics. Click on the menu link to choose a topic.

Down for Everyone or Just Me?
Ever get frustrated when you can't get to a website or see the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"? Now you can find out if the website is down, not working properly, or... if it's your computer. Click on the "Down for Everyone or Just Me?" link at the top of this paragraph, type in the website address you want to check (where it says ""), and click on the underlined words "or just me". This website will tell you where the problem is.

Search for synonyms and antonyms.
Look up a word… any word…

The Quotations Page
Can't remember the rest of that quote, or who said it? Look it up here.

Library Spot
A free virtual library resource center for just about anyone exploring the Web for information.

Refdesk (Reference Desk)
Links to thousands of newspapers around the world, toll free numbers, an incredible amount of information. It is probably the "single best source for facts".


State of Colorado website
Colorado's official website. Lots of information here.

U.S. Government
The website for the U.S. Government. Links to information for Seniors, Teachers, Veterans, Consumers, and others.

Want to write to your U.S. Representative, or find out who she or he is?

You can also write to your U.S. Senator.

Find your Colorado (state) Senators and Representatives here.
Click on the left side of the screen to see your Senator or Representative.

Open Secrets-The Center for Responsive Politics
The source for information about elections and money.

The U.S. Congress website