Silver Sage Learning offers computer coaching and one-on-one training for adults and seniors who want to get better at using Windows-based computers, iPhones and iPads. We also offer computer troubleshooting and problem solving services when your computer isn't working the way it should. Our specialty is working with beginners and folks who have not used computers before. Our mission is to assist you to improve your skills, help you develop greater confidence in using technology, and ensure that you enjoy yourself while you do so!

At Silver Sage Learning, we recognize that seniors and many adults did not "grow up" with computers. However, computers have become such a huge part of our world that without them, we are often cut off from information and services we need. We firmly believe that it is never too late to learn, and work with adults of any age who want to explore technology. Our patient approach lets you learn at your own pace.

When you work with Silver Sage Learning, you will discover new things, explore what you know more deeply, and become more comfortable with your computer. Your interests will be the focus of our work. Tell us what you want the computer to do for you, and we'll make it happen together. Our skills, support, and encouragement will help you get where you want to go.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the risks presented by the pandemic, Silver Sage Learning is offering training, consults and coaching by PHONE ONLY. While we are on the phone, I connects my computer to your computer with a program. When connected, I can see what you see on your screen. I can also use my mouse on your screen while we talk on the phone. This system works really well, and I have used this method successfully with most of my students and clients for many months.

"Ellen Helberg is an incredible instructor. She maintains the right balance between giving too much information and not enough. Ellen has a wonderful way of explaining the "how tos" of computers, and then standing back and letting the students try it themselves. I have heard nothing but favorable comments about her classes."

Sue Corbett, Director
Brighton Senior Center
Brighton, Colorado